Sharon Elaine

Sharon Elaine: We Are America

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Sharon Elaine

Title: We Are America
Label: CD Baby

When writing 'We Are America', I was thinking about the beginning of the United States and the men that started our country. We are a brave and free country. Not in control of a one man ruler. You can be free in America to start your own business and walk down the street without being told by a soldier what and what not you can do. I was born when you didn't have to lock your doors or windows. The world was war free and the people felt compassion for each other. Did not have to worry about keeping up with the Jones's. Families would go to worship God and had weekend get togethers and all pitched in to take care of family. I would love to see that time again. I would love to remove the hatred from the hearts that want to hurt others. I'm just a country girl, being born in the country, until my parents moved our family to town when I was seven. The old saying, ' You can take the girl out of the country but you can't take the country out of the girl'. I hope you enjoy my song. God granted and blessed us to be the 'Great United States of America'.

1.1 We Are America - Sharon Elaine

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