Sharon Holbrooks: Reflections

Sharon Holbrooks: Reflections
Title: Reflections
Label: CD Baby

Reflections is a collection of some of Sharon's songs meant to fill the soul. Being a singer all her life she has finally decided to go out and share her tunes with the world. Quite a challenge after being home with five children and a husband all these years. So she's older and crazier with enough sass to say: 'Look out world. You might not be ready for me, but ready or not - here I come.' This is Sharon's first CD. Made with a lot of help from some fabulous people. Producer Ralph Rivera said, 'Sharon, a song is like a painting. You start with the basics then you add to make to picture complete.' As people came and added and shared their talents it all came together. The picture is more than she ever dreamed possible. So enjoy the feely song of Droplets that let's you heart open and feel what's inside. How about Do You Know that reminds you of the one you love. Maybe life is just keeping you busy and you have No time to Dream. Sometimes, there's those things going on that you have to say I Lied. Sometimes there's the songs that says good-bye.....As I Remember, I remember lessons from you. She sings from her heart and opens her soul to all who would listen. .

1.1 Do You Know
1.2 Together
1.3 Wasn't It Yesterday
1.4 Just Be
1.5 Droplets
1.6 Not Time to Dream
1.7 When It Rains
1.8 Does Anyone Hear?
1.9 I Lied
1.10 Willow Tree
1.11 As I Remember

Sharon Holbrooks: Reflections

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