Sharon Shannon

Sharon Shannon: The Best Of Sharon Shannon: Spellbound

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Sharon Shannon

Title: The Best Of Sharon Shannon: Spellbound
Label: Compass Records

Accordionist/fiddler Sharon Shannon has been described as "the Ry Cooder of Irish accordion music, she's at home in a variety of styles, excels at all of them and makes music that's joyous and moving." The best of Sharon Shannon: Spellbound, originally released in in 1998, Spellbound features highlights from Shannon's 1991 debut and her subsequent collaborations with reggae producer Dennis Bovelle as well as 5 tracks recorded especially for the album.

1.1 Blackbird
1.2 Bonnie Mulligan
1.3 The 3-Headed Monster
1.4 The Mighty Sparrow (Live)
1.5 Kids
1.6 Cavan Potholes
1.7 Tickle Her Leg
1.8 The Bungee Jumpers
1.9 Mouth of the Tobique
1.10 Sandy River Belle
1.11 The Bag of Cats
1.12 The Magic Foot
1.13 A Song of the Rosy Cross
1.14 Each Little Thing
1.15 Sparky
1.16 The Woodchoppers (Live)
1.17 MacGuire ; Patterson
1.18 The Munster Hop
1.19 Reel Beatrice
1.20 The Marguerita Suite
1.21 Spellbound

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