Shebesta Bob

Shebesta Bob: Inner Voice

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Artist: Shebesta Bob

Artist: Shebesta Bob
Title: Inner Voice

I wrote all the compositions and enjoyed sharing the studio with other great artists - Ann Enterline played alto flute and Brad De Passe, synthesizers. Brad also recorded and co-produced the project. I also laid down a couple cool acoustic bass guitar tracks with the help of bassist Dan Gibson. Music and the sound of the acoustic guitar has always been a great source of inspiration. This album is a reflection of those special moments and insights that dwell within which truly make us human. ~Bob.

1.1 Flourish
1.2 Haven
1.3 Odyssey
1.4 Timeless
1.5 Spirit
1.6 Essence
1.7 Vision
1.8 Animate
1.9 Mystery
1.10 Lavish
1.11 Serene
1.12 Renaissance

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