Shere Thu Thuy

Shere Thu Thuy: Dem Nay

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Artist: Shere Thu Thuy

Artist: Shere Thu Thuy
Title: Dem Nay

This CD is in memory of my father, known as 'Mr Tu's (Vopco) and to our mother, Tung Thi Pham, who is currently 85 years. To my father: As a powerful man in Vietnam, our family, Manh Ha, Thu Thuy, va Manh Dung proudly hornor the Vopoco family on this CD. To my mother: I thank you for making our lives feel so special growing up. I know it couldn't have been easy. You are all the beautiful things a child could ever wish for. We love you dearly. This special dedication is to our dearly departed loved ones in heaven. In loving memory, we bestow our love to Chi Hue, Anh Tu, Chi Ngoc, and Dac Va Ba Noi. To our recording engineer in Long Beach, Ca. We feel very fortunate to have found an affable, nice and patient engineer. You are definitely one of a kind. Alan and I thank you more than words can express. Merci Beaucoup With all the love from my heart, I thank my brother and his special gift to create and express the magic in his music. This CD would not have been possible without the diligent support of my brother, Alan Nguyen. Working together with my brother in the past was wonderful, and although our distance has kept us apart, I can happily say 'We are back!' We are back together again in music and lyrics. With all my love, I'm missing you. I know this CD will reach all our missing friends and family from all over the world. Enjoy!

1.1 Dem Nay
1.2 Con Chut Gi Cho Nhau
1.3 Solitaire
1.4 La Vie N'est Pas Facile
1.5 Tro Ve Chon Vua
1.6 Nho
1.7 Il Pleure Dans Mon Coeur
1.8 It's a Man's World
1.9 Stand By Your Man
1.10 Tro Ve

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