Sherrie Nunn Berry

Sherrie Nunn Berry: Favor

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Title: Favor
Label: CD Baby

Sherrie V. Nunn-Berry, or "Sherrie Berry" as she prefers, is a native of Detroit, MI. She was raised by her mother in a God fearing home and also spent many hours in the home of a Pastor, her grandfather, where she was saved at an early age. Sherrie began singing in church as a child. She recalls standing with all "grown folks" in the Adult Choir because there was no children's choir at that time. "I was faithful to the adult choir. I remember, as a child, crying and being very upset because the adult choir ordered robes and the adults told me they didn't make them for kids. So, my mother and grandmother ordered a robe and altered it to fit me because I was determined to have a robe." She has been a featured vocalist throughout the U.S. with major Gospel artists, and has always loved church music... from the traditional to the very contemporary. God has blessed her to go beyond the ministry of music - into other areas of ministry in her pursuit to always glorify God.

1.1 Favor
1.2 More of You
1.3 High and Lifted Up
1.4 For Your Glory

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