Silly Billies

Silly Billies: Summer Sun Fun

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Artist: Silly Billies

Artist: Silly Billies
Title: Summer Sun Fun

Are you ready to dance around with your kids and listen to music the whole family will enjoy? Then look no further because The Silly Billies won't let you down! You'll be grooving to island beats and having a laugh while shaking and jumping to this kid friendly rock and roll. Most of the proceeds from the album sales go towards buying instruments for kids at schools, that normally wouldn't have a chance to play instruments. Thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully supporting our cause.

1.1 Summer Sun
1.2 You Are My Sunshine
1.3 How Low Can You Go
1.4 Bubble Gum Shoe Blues
1.5 Boogie Woogie Ranch
1.6 Let's Go to the Park
1.7 Silly Chilly Shakes
1.8 Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
1.9 Dream a Little Dream
1.10 Good Bye

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