Simple Minds: 40: The Best Of 1979-2019

Simple Minds: 40: The Best Of 1979-2019
Title: 40: The Best Of 1979-2019
Label: Virgin Records Us
Product Type: VINYL LP

Double colored vinyl LP pressing. 40: THE BEST OF - 1979-2019 covers all 40 years of legendary band Simple Minds recording career. It captures their early experimentation, cross over chart successes, right up to their new imperial phase represented by songs from 2015's Big Music and last year's Walk Between Worlds, which was their highest chart success in over 20 years, charting at #4 in the UK. Includes the new track "For One Night Only".

1.1 Nature Always Wins
1.2 Slingblade
1.3 Intersectionality
1.4 Beauty, Power, Motion, Life, Work, Chaos, Law
1.5 Juggernaut
1.6 Firestorm
1.7 Weightless
1.8 Rosie
1.9 If I Died Today
1.10 My Lonely Room
1.11 We Are Always Alone
2.1 Drone Warfare
2.2 Rain on Snow
2.3 Rocket Fuel
2.4 C.O.N.F.O.R.M
2.5 Small Colleges (Stay with Me)
2.6 Jojo's Word
2.7 Kings ; Queens
2.8 Taxin'
2.9 Dark Side of the Heart
2.10 I Am Not a Robot (Interlude)
2.11 Urgent, Important, Please Read
2.12 Our Pathetic Age
2.13 Been Use Ta (Bonus Track)
2.14 Taxin' (Long Reversion / Bonus Track)
2.15 Two Notes (Bonus Track)

Simple Minds: 40: The Best Of 1979-2019

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