Sisters in Song

Sisters in Song: Mirror Mirror

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Artist: Sisters in Song

Artist: Sisters in Song
Title: Mirror Mirror

Mirror, Mirror is our second CD and we are very proud of it! It has thirteen tracks including the original six songs we had on our demo album 'Living Inside My Heart'. 'It Came To Me' was written by my uncle Lou DePiro and some lyrics were added by me and my Sister in Song's husband, Barry Schaffer. Barry also wrote a special tribute to '911' for us, called 'Time Does Not Stand Still'. Again, all our music is composed by guitarist John Fiscella. Rita and I are very proud of our CD with it's contemporary Beatle, Barbra Streisand sound along with some Van Halen in spots. We hope our music will be listened to and that you will enjoy it and tell your friends! Thanks for listening!

1.1 Mirror, Mirror (Electric)
1.2 Confusion
1.3 I Wouldn't Mind Loving You at All
1.4 Will You Still Love Metomorrow
1.5 It Came to Me
1.6 This Life with You
1.7 Roller Coaster
1.8 Living Inside My Heart
1.9 'Til I Die
1.10 Maneater
1.11 Goodbye
1.12 Time Does Not Stand Still
1.13 Mirror, Mirror (Acoustic)

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