Sky Shadow Obelisk

Sky Shadow Obelisk: Una Lux Una Sonas

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Artist: Sky Shadow Obelisk
Title: Una Lux Una Sonas

Drawing from influences as far-reaching as Doom Metal and the Italian High Renaissance, a varied musical texture is created. Sky Shadow Obelisk's sonic landscape alternates between visceral density and melodic romanticism. The lyrical content explores Western Civilization's decline and imminent collapse. Guests Musicians: 'Colony Collapse' : Christine Harrington-Cello, Neil Cabana-Voice (middle section), Dave McNally-Mellotron, ARP 2600.

1.1 Colony Collapse - Sky Shadow Obelisk
1.2 Una Lux Una Sonas - Sky Shadow Obelisk
1.3 Dead Star Valley - Sky Shadow Obelisk

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