So So Modern: Crude Futures

So So Modern: Crude Futures
Title: Crude Futures
Label: Imports

Long-awaited debut long-player, from Wellington's long-touted "next big thing" act. These guys have promised much over the last five years, with a blistering live act and dedicated fanbase, but their recordings have always lacked something. Until now. This is the record we've been waiting for from this band! Definitely not an album you want to put on to relax - musically, these guys are all over the place. Sound-wise, So So fall somewhere between Battles, the Mint Chicks and Pinback - with some Krautrock and No Wave influences thrown in for good measure. In saying this, So So Modern manage to pull it all off and come out sounding startlingly original. Tight and angular, yet spazzy and danceable at the same time! Local legend Mike Gibson does a fantastic job capturing the band's live energy on tape and gives them that big, honest and open Steve Albini-styled production that previous recording were crying out for. Hard to pick highlights here, but 'Be Anywhere' and the instrumental 'Berlin' are standouts, as is album closer 'Give Everything', with it's tricky time signature.

1.1 Life in the Undergrowth
1.2 The Worst Is Yet to Come
1.3 Dendrons
1.4 Be Anywhere
1.5 Berlin
1.6 Dusk ; Children
1.7 Holiday
1.8 Island Hopping/Channel Crossing
1.9 Give Everything

So So Modern: Crude Futures

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