Soft Machine

Soft Machine: Noisette

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Artist: Soft Machine

Artist: Soft Machine
Title: Noisette

First-ever release of this rare 5-piece Softs line up, recorded live in January of 1970. This performance serves as a bridge from the spacier early band sound to the well developed progressive Jazz fusion of Third & Fourth, considered by most to be the band's apex.

1.1 Eamonn Andrews
1.2 Mousetrap
1.3 Noisette
1.4 Backwards
1.5 Mousetrap (Reprise)
1.6 Hibou, Anemone and Bear
1.7 Moon in June
1.8 12/8 Theme
1.9 Esther's Nose Job
1.10 We Did It Again

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