Solar Fields: Ourdom

Solar Fields: Ourdom
Title: Ourdom
Label: Sidereal
Product Type: VINYL LP

Solar Fields, a Swedish electronica artist known for climactic compositions and vivid soundworlds, has officially released his next bold chapter of vibrant musicIt's a progressive dreamworld carefully painted with profound depth, a wholesome journey for the soul. From warm drone to upbeat trance, this delightful release is simply electrifying.

1.1 Burning View
1.2 Shifting Nature
1.3 Into the Sun
1.4 Forgiveness
1.5 Mountain King
2.1 Wave Cascade
2.2 Moving Lines
2.3 A Long Tailed Bird Whispered
2.4 Joshua's Shop
2.5 A Green Walk
2.6 Parallel Universe
2.7 The Daylight Carrier
2.8 Siren Song of Glass

Solar Fields: Ourdom

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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