Sones De México Ensemble Chicago

Sones De México Ensemble Chicago: Fiesta Mexicana: Mexican Songs & Stories

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Artist: Sones De México Ensemble Chicago
Title: Fiesta Mexicana: Mexican Songs & Stories

What do a crawfish, a cowboy mouse and a 100-year-old woman have in common? They are all characters the latest recording by Sones de Mexico Ensemble. The same band that three years ago ventured into uncharted waters and earned two GRAMMY™ nominations with Mexican folk retoolings of Led Zeppelin, JS Bach and Woody Guthrie now digs deep into Mexican folklore for kids of all ages. Fiesta Mexicana offers something new to a generation of kids growing up in a globalized world: a bilingual, double album for the 21st Century. Over 60 authentic, folk acoustic instruments used to make this recording. Special guests include children's entertainers Ella Jenkins and Dan Zanes singing in Spanish!

1.1 Saludo Jarabeado
1.2 Narrative: Welcome to Fiesta Mexicana!
1.3 La Pasi N
1.4 Narrative: How Did It All Begin?
1.5 Xipe
1.6 Narrative: Aztec Instruments
1.7 Torito Coiteco
1.8 Narrative: Uy, Uy, Uy!
1.9 La Acamaya
1.10 Narrative: The Dance Lesson
1.11 Los Enanos
1.12 Narrative: The "Hyper" Cowboy Mouse from Texas
1.13 El Rat N Vaquero
1.14 Narrative: Do a Sabina Teaches Tiempo
1.15 El Trenecito
1.16 Narrative: Mimetic Dances from Tixtla
1.17 Tixtla: Entrada, El Toro Rab N, El Zopilote, El Pato, El Gato, la Iguan
1.18 La Bamba [Rock 'N' Roll]
1.19 Narrative: Stop the Music!
1.20 La Bamba [Son Jarocho]
1.21 Narrative: Ella Jenkins
1.22 Qui Reme Mucho
2.1 Pool Keken
2.2 Narrativa: Bienvenidos a Fiesta Mexicana!
2.3 La Pasi N (Reprise)
2.4 Narrativa: C Mo Empez Todo?
2.5 La Danza Del Sol
2.6 Narrativa: Instrumentos Aztecas
2.7 Los Matlachines de Hidalgo
2.8 Narrativa: Uy, Uy, Uy! [En Espa Ol]
2.9 La Acamaya (Reprise)
2.10 Narrativa: La Lecci N de Baile
2.11 Los Enanos (Reprise)
2.12 Narrativa: El Inquieto Rat N Vaquero de Texas
2.13 El Rat N Vaquero (Reprise)
2.14 Narrativa: Do a Sabina y El Tiempo
2.15 El Trenecito (Reprise)
2.16 Narrativa: Danzas Mim Ticas de Tixtla
2.17 Tixtla: Entrada, El Toro Rab N, El Zopilote, El Pato, El Gato, la Iguan
2.18 La Bamba [Rock 'N' Roll] (Reprise)
2.19 Narrativa: Alto la M Sica!
2.20 La Bamba [Son Jarocho] (Reprise)
2.21 Narrativa: Adi S Amigos
2.22 VI Uete

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