Sonic Youth

Sonic Youth: Bad Moon Rising

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Artist: Sonic Youth

Artist: Sonic Youth
Title: Bad Moon Rising
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP repressing including digital download that features the album plus four bonus tracks. Reissue of Sonic Youth's second full-length album, originally released in 1985. The album is a fascinating examination of "the junction where hippie idealism [meets] the cold hard world," says guitarist Lee Ranaldo, "where Woodstock [meets] Altamont-Death Valley, Charles Manson, Brian Wilson, musicians, murderers, heroes and villains." It's original eight-song tapestry of droning guitar feedback, distant clattering percussion, and sullen vocals, all held together with interstitial noise loops and shadowy haze, ambles through a long, dark night before the feverish "Death Valley '69," driven by runaway guitar riffs and a frantic Thurston Moore/Lydia Lunch vocal duet, pounds the capstone into place.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Brave Men Run (In My Family)
1.3 Society Is a Hole
1.4 I Love Her All the Time
1.5 Ghost Bitch
1.6 I M Insane
1.7 Justice Is Might
1.8 Death Valley 69

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