Soundgarden: Badmotorfinger

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Soundgarden

Title: Badmotorfinger
Label: A&M

Expanded deluxe two CD edition includes bonus disc with eight studio outtakes, 'New Damage' (with Brian May), and seven tracks from Live at the Paramount on Disc Two. Digitally remastered 25th Anniversary edition of this album from the beloved Seattle rockers. Originally released on October 8th, 1991, Badmotorfinger spawned three singles that have become iconic songs of rock: 'Jesus Christ Pose,' 'Outshined' and 'Rusty Cage.' Badmotorfinger was the band's third studio album. After touring in support of it's previous album, Louder Than Love (1989), Soundgarden began the recording sessions for it's next album with new bassist Ben Shepherd. The music on the album maintained the band's heavy metal sound while featuring an increased focus on songwriting as compared with the band's previous releases. The focus on the Seattle grunge scene helped bring attention to Badmotorfinger. It became the band's highest charting album at the time on the Billboard 200. In 1992, Badmotorfinger was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance.

1.1 Rusty Cage
1.2 Outshined
1.3 Slaves ; Bulldozers
1.4 Jesus Christ Pose
1.5 Face Pollution
1.6 Somewhere
1.7 Searching with My Good Eye Closed
1.8 Room a Thousand Years Wide
1.9 Mind Riot
1.10 Drawing Flies
1.11 Holy Water
1.12 New Damage
2.1 Rusty Cage (Studio Outtake)*
2.2 Outshined (Studio Outtake)*
2.3 Slaves ; Bulldozers (Studio Outtake)*
2.4 Jesus Christ Pose (Studio Outtake)*
2.5 Face Pollution (Studio Outtake)*
2.6 Somewhere (Studio Outtake)*
2.7 Room a Thousand Years Wide (Studio Outtake)*
2.8 Holy Water (Studio Outtake)*
2.9 New Damage (With Brian May)
2.10 Searching with My Good Eye Closed (Live at the Paramount)*
2.11 Drawing Flies (Live at the Paramount)*
2.12 Face Pollution (Live at the Paramount)*
2.13 Rusty Cage (Live at the Paramount)*
2.14 Outshined (Live at the Paramount)*
2.15 Mind Riot (Live at the Paramount)*
2.16 Jesus Christ Pose (Live at the Paramount)*

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