Souvenir's Young America

Souvenir's Young America: The Name Of The Snake

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Artist: Souvenir's Young America
Title: The Name Of The Snake
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. 2010 release from this band featuring members of Forensics and Anduin. Inspired in part by Rebecca Solnit's Savage Dreams, the Name of the Snake is a powerful four-song instrumental album about man's often tragic relationship with the past and the present. Not easily classifiable, Souvenir's Young America effortlessly surpass genre restrictions with a unique combination of heavy and ambient guitars layered with harmonica, keyboards, electronics, organs, and percussion. These tracks, their first written as a quintet, are epic, emotional narratives that pull the listener in with both crushing and meditative passages.

1.1 Water (Forgetting the Past)!
1.2 Vanishing (Remaining)!
1.3 Dust (Erasing the Future)!
1.4 Amnesia (A Victor's History)!
1.5 6:38 (September Songs)
1.6 3:17 (September Songs)
1.7 9:18 (September Songs)

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