Spc Eco

Spc Eco: Art of Pop

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Artist: Spc Eco

Artist: Spc Eco
Title: Art of Pop

2014 release from the Indie duo. SPC ECO consists of vocalist/lyricist Rose Berlin and multi-instrumentalist/producer Dean Garcia (formerly of the band Curve). THE ART OF POP, the title says it all really. This is an album about Art and Pop. Quite unlike any previous SPC ECO release in almost every way, apart from the fact that it's made by the same two people. There are no guitars, there are no dense walls of sound and noise that we've come to expect from a S E song. Miraculously those elements and trademark niches are not missed at all on this record. They have been replaced with cleverly produced artfully pulsed Electronica, memorable catchy melodies and a vocal delivery to die for. Rose Berlin's voice has always been the icing on top of a very densely layered S E cake, her voice seems to go from strength to strength from one release to the next as she matures and explores her voice. The vocals on T a O P are made by someone with great skill and ability, not in the sense of them being highly trained, polished and technical but the complete opposite, they sound effortlessly natural and completely at home.

1.1 Burn It Down
1.2 Hear Me Now
1.3 One for the Little One
1.4 Right Mind
1.5 Fall Apart for Love
1.6 Ray of Sun
1.7 Fuck You
1.8 Lights and Stars
1.9 Die Alone
1.10 Full Flow
1.11 Burn It Down (Vectronic Remix)
1.12 Push (Lady Barcelona Remix)
1.13 Fall Apart for Love (Vectronic Remix)
1.14 Push

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