Speech Machine

Speech Machine: Curious Punishments of Bygone Days

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Artist: Speech Machine

Artist: Speech Machine
Title: Curious Punishments of Bygone Days

Dave Segal from The Stranger wrote: "Curious Punishments Of Bygone Days abounds with soft-focus, midnight-blue atmospheres that have that consoling power often found in high-quality, dejected-sounding songs" He went on to say "It's one of the crucial paradoxes of music, and you can never have too many artists mining that particular vein of songwriting..."

1.1 Loser Girl
1.2 Saved
1.3 Dream Girl
1.4 All the Neatest Places
1.5 Opal Faces
1.6 Suffering
1.7 Used Karma
1.8 New Song
1.9 Moonlit Sun
1.10 Monsoon
1.11 Cinnamon Gun
1.12 In the End

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