Spider Bags

Spider Bags: Someday Everything Will Be Fine

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Artist: Spider Bags

Artist: Spider Bags
Title: Someday Everything Will Be Fine
Product Type: VINYL LP

Recorded in Memphis at Bunker Audio by Andrew McCalla, Someday Everything Will Be Fine leverages the limitations and glory of the Tascam 388, a vintage recording/mixing device that's acquired a mythos via it's association with legendary records by Dinosaur Jr. And others. Unlike the error-erasing editing software Spider Bags frontman Dan McGee has favored in the past, the Tascam's charms are more immediate, and it has a visceral resonance all it's own.

1.1 Reckless
1.2 Oxcart Blues
1.3 Alligator
1.4 Burning Sand
1.5 Cop Dream / Black Eye (True Story)
1.6 My Heart Is a Flame in Reverse
1.7 Tonight, I Walk on the Water
1.8 Ninety Day Dog
1.9 Apocalypso
1.10 Rollin' with the Flow

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