Spirit of Golf

Spirit of Golf: Breathe-Focusing Techniques for the Golfer's Mind

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Artist: Spirit of Golf

Artist: Spirit of Golf
Title: Breathe-Focusing Techniques for the Golfer's Mind

The breath is one of the most important tools we have always had for harnessing the power of the mind. Learning to channel it's energy in a purposeful and deliberate way has immediate and profound benefits, not only for improving the quality of our golf games, but also for greatly enhancing the overall health and happiness of our everyday lives. Through conscious breathing - which is taught in Spirit of Golf workshops and clinics as an important part of the pre- and post-shot routines - we can learn to intentionally regulate the breath and send it's calming or invigorating energy to different parts of the mind/body. As we do so, we begin to play golf from a very different and deeply centered place inside of us; one where we can enter "The Zone" at will and remain there for longer periods of time.

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Deep Belly Breathing
1.3 Alternate Nostril Breathing
1.4 Third Eye Breathing
1.5 Smiling Breath
1.6 Ocean Breath
1.7 Post-Shot Routine
1.8 Meditate Breath

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