Stacy Davis K.

Stacy Davis K.: Waterfall - Harp Music

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Artist: Stacy Davis K.

Artist: Stacy Davis K.
Title: Waterfall - Harp Music

Over the past 25 years, I have conducted extensive research on the Relaxing and Healing qualities of Harp music. Based on my research, I composed Harp music especially for Relaxation, Meditation, and Healing. I have performed this music live for hundreds of hours of healing sessions - and it is now available on CD. 'Waterfall' is a full hour of continuous music, similar to the four tracks on 'Waterfalls.' Music has long been recognized as beneficial for relaxation, healing, and meditation. Even ancient peoples realized that music can change one's mood. The unique vibratory qualities of the Harp make it excellent for meditation, relaxation, and healing. Scientific studies have shown that the sound vibrations of music can positively affect brain waves, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, immune systems, and more. Research shows that Harp music, in particular, helps people relax, calm down, and feel better even in the most trying circumstances. Harp music can be used to relieve pain - whether physical, emotional, or spiritual - and to reduce anxiety, tension and stress. Live or recorded Harp music is now commonly used in hospitals (from waiting areas to operating rooms), rehabilitation centers and hospices, as well as Doctors' and Dentists' offices, and by those employing alternative healing methods such as acupuncture, chiropractic, reiki, and massage. In a hospital or Doctors' office, Harp music positively affects not only the patients, but everyone who can hear the music. At home, Harp music can help individuals in their daily management of stress, and is ideal to induce sleep or as an accompaniment to meditation.

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