Stan Ransom the Connecticut Peddler

Stan Ransom the Connecticut Peddler: Battle of Plattsburgh: Music of the War of 1812

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Artist: Stan Ransom the Connecticut Peddler
Title: Battle of Plattsburgh: Music of the War of 1812

Despite many early British victories, the Americans won the War of 1812 at the Battle of Plattsburgh September 11, 1814, a decisive victory which kept Northern New York and New England from becoming 'Columbia,' a planned Canadian Province. This CD tells the story of Commodore Macdonough's victory on Lake Champlain over the British ships, and General Macomb's victory, with 1500 militia men, facing 15,000 battle tested British troops. With 13 songs of the time and 7 sets of period music on hammered dulcimer. AASLH Award winner Stan Ransom plays hammered dulcimer, guitar, mandolin, banjo and autoharp to accompany his mellow baritone voice. This CD is a must for folk music and historical music buffs.

1.1 Battle of Plattsburgh
1.2 Roslyn Castle / Backside Albany
1.3 Siege of Plattsburgh
1.4 Noble Lads of Canada
1.5 British Grenadiers / Scotland the Brave / King George's March
1.6 Sheldon (Lem) Durkee
1.7 Boys at the Bridge
1.8 New Rigged Ship / Leather Britches / Devil Among the Taylors
1.9 Banks of Champlain
1.10 Kate of Coleraine / Kitty Tyrrell / Lovely Nancy
1.11 Midshipman Paulding
1.12 A New Song: The Late War
1.13 Wasp's Frolic / Guerriere Dance
1.14 How Happy the Soldier
1.15 The Recruiting Officer
1.16 La Belle Catherine / Go to the Devil and Chase Yourself
1.17 Crab Island: Reflections on Crossing Lake Champlain
1.18 Nancy Dawson / Flowers of Edinburgh / White Cockade
1.19 The Wasp's Frolic (Song)
1.20 Hey Betty Martin, Tip Toe Fine

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