Stanley Clarke: Definitive Collection

Stanley Clarke: Definitive Collection
Title: Definitive Collection
Label: Robinsongs

2017 two CD collection. When it comes to the bass guitar, the first name that comes to mind for most people is the legend that is Stanley Clarke, so we here at Robinsongs are immensely proud to be issuing the Definitive Collection of Stanley's amazing career. This is a compilation of Stanley Clarke's recordings from 1975 through to 1990, which also covers the Clarke/Duke project, Fuse One and the Stanley Clarke Band eras. This superb package features sleeve notes by Charles Waring, who interviewed Stanley specifically for this release, and you get a true insight into how some of the tracks were recorded and Stanley's thoughts about certain tracks and the friends that played with him. This Definitive Collection features all the album versions, so you can enjoy the classics such as 'School Days', 'We Supply' (which was co-written with Louis Johnson) and 'Heaven Sent You' (featuring Shalamar's Howard Hewett on vocals) along with the jazzier side to Stanley's work like the amazing 'Concerto For Jazz' parts 1 and 2.

1.1 Journey to Love
1.2 Concerto for Jazz / Rock Orchestra, Part I
1.3 Concerto for Jazz / Rock Orchestra, Part II
1.4 Silly Putty
1.5 School Days
1.6 The Dancer
1.7 Hot Fun
1.8 More Hot Fun
1.9 Modern Man
1.10 Rock 'N' Roll Jelly
1.11 I Wanna Play for You
1.12 Together Again
1.13 Jamaican Boy
1.14 Danger Street
1.15 All Hell Broke Loose
1.16 Rocks, Pebbles and Sand
2.1 We Supply
2.2 Grand Prix - Fuse One
2.3 Never Judge a Cover By It's Book - the Clarke / Duke Project
2.4 Wild Dog - the Clarke / Duke Project
2.5 Sweet Baby- the Clarke / Duke Project
2.6 Straight to the Top
2.7 Heroes - the Clarke / Duke Project
2.8 Heaven Sent You
2.9 Time Exposure
2.10 What If I Should Fall in Love - the Stanley Clarke Band
2.11 Find Out - the Stanley Clarke Band
2.12 Hideaway
2.13 Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
2.14 I Want to Play for Ya
2.15 Mothership Connection - the Clarke / Duke Project
2.16 Funny How Time Flies (When You're Having Fun)

Stanley Clarke: Definitive Collection

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