Starchild Jr

Starchild Jr: Hand Me Down Diapers

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Artist: Starchild Jr

Artist: Starchild Jr
Title: Hand Me Down Diapers

Starchild Jr., aka Garrett Shider of Funkadelic, is a seriously talented guitarist, much lauded and in-demand in the music industry. This might not be surprising considering Garrett was brought up on guitar, being the son of legendary Parliament / Funkadelic guitarist and musical director Garry Shider. Hand Me Down Diapers is a funky album that is a tribute from son to father, and it acts as an extension of P-Funk All Stars. Hand Me Down Diapers is a punchy versatile album with gorgeous guitars and harmony. It features the funk maestro himself, George Clinton, on "Rawlife Theme (On One)" as well as other band members of the current Funkadelic crew.

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