Status Quo

Status Quo: Under The Influence

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Artist: Status Quo

Artist: Status Quo
Title: Under The Influence
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited blue vinyl LP pressing. Digitally remastered edition. Issued in March 1999, Status Quo's 23rd studio album featured new compositions by the band, along with a cover of Buddy Holly's Not Fade Away. It peaked at #26 in the album charts, and features three hit singles (Twenty Wild Horses, Little White Lies and The Way It Goes).

1.1 Twenty Wild Horses 5:00
1.2 Under the Influence 4:03
1.3 Round and Round 3:26
1.4 Shine on 4:50
1.5 Little White Lies 4:21
1.6 Keep 'Em Coming 3:27
1.7 Little Me and You 3:49
1.8 Making Waves 3:57
1.9 Blessed Are the Meek 4:20
1.10 Roll the Dice 4:05
1.11 Not Fade Away 3:09
1.12 The Way It Goes 4:02

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