Stay Tuned String Band

Stay Tuned String Band: Tryin to Get to Heaven

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Artist: Stay Tuned String Band
Title: Tryin to Get to Heaven

We've been singing together for about seventeen years and we're still good friends! Bob and Linda Nachtrieb met Jenny Skul in 1995, and we searched for a lead tenor/baritone. Dan Knutson's wife Sheila happily led us to him! We are often asked 'How do you find your songs?' Well, mostly from the radio, old recordings, or church singing. If we like the tune and words, we try for our own interpretation. We rarely use printed music. Audiences frequently praise our harmonies. We attribute our happy blend of voices to divine Providence. Our own acid test for a 'YES' on a song is goosebumps on forearms. Here are the stories behind the songs on this album: 1. Don't You Want to Go to Heaven? Written by Wally Fowler, a founder of the group that became the Oak Ridge Boys, and Paul Kinsey; our version is based on the arrangement by Robin and Linda Williams. Dan leads a cappella. 2. Keep On the Sunny Side: A.P. Carter, arr. Ian Tyson and Sylvia Fricker. More recently popularized in O Brother, Where Art Thou? Linda leads and Dan harmonizes on verses; Jenny plays joyful AutoHarp and harmonica; Dan guitar, Bob one-string bass. 3. Blessed Quietness: A Salvation Army standard written by M.P. Ferguson, ca. 1897. Learned from the British group Beggars Velvet. Dan leads, with interlacing harmonies by Jenny, Bob and Linda; Linda lever harp, guitar. 4. Rise Up Lazarus: A rousing number by Emory Gordy, Jr. and Patty Loveless. Dan leads and guitar; Bob one-string bass. 5. Go Tell John: Greg Sublett, Anthony K. Music; arrangement by permission of The Rarely Herd, an excellent Ohio-based bluegrass band. Linda remixed a recording from our first CD (Quartet Edition). She felt the song too good to leave off this compilation of our favorites. Based on a story told in the gospels of Sts. Matthew (11) and Luke (7). Dan leads a cappella. 6. By the Mark: An excellent song written in recent years by David Rawlings and Gillian Welch in the old-time country style. Linda leads and banjo; Dan guitar. 7. Father I Stretch My Hands to Thee: A standard by many black Gospel quartets. Our arrangement is based on that of the Nashville Bluegrass Band. Dan leads a cappella. 8. Walking My Lord Up Calvary's Hill: Trad., as recorded by Wilma Lee and Stony Cooper. Linda and Dan sing; Dan on guitar. 9. I Like the Old Time Way: P.D. (Joseph L. "Smilin' Joe" Roper). Bob leads on this happy favorite. Dan guitar, Jenny AutoHarp; Linda hammer dulcimer, Bob one-string bass. 10. Fishers of Men: A stunner by Rhonda Vincent. Linda leads a cappella. 11. Children Go Where I Send Thee: Trad., arr. Ricky Skaggs. Deservedly popular with folk, bluegrass and gospel groups. Dan shines on vocal lead and guitar. 12. Oh Lord, Don't Leave Me Here: Trad. Many versions. Ours is from the Virginia-based bluegrass group, The Country Gentlemen. Dan and Linda lead a cappella. 13. Gloryland: Trad. Also many recordings of this great song. The key change in verse three seems to be a standard arrangement. Linda is angelic lead a cappella. 14. Give Me Just a Little More Time: Trad. (E.C. Ball). We heard it by a Canadian group, Finest Kind. Bob leads, Jenny on harmonica, Dan guitar. 15. Anchored in Love Divine: A.P. Carter. Linda leads and hammer dulcimer; Dan and Jenny guitars. 16. It Soon Be Done: Trad. Heard on Folk Legacy's recording of the New Golden Ring, Five Day's Singing, a source of many terrific songs. Dan leads a cappella. We hope you like these songs as much as we do! Except where noted, all songs are four-part vocals, arranged by the Stay Tuned String Band. Produced by Linda Nachtrieb, Joliet, IL. Cover photo by Bill Petrovic, Joliet, IL. CD liner, CD reproduction and packaging by Digging Records, Homer Glen, IL.

1.1 Don't You Want to Go to Heaven?
1.2 Keep on the Sunny Side
1.3 Blessed Quietness
1.4 Rise Up Lazarus
1.5 Go Tell John
1.6 By the Mark
1.7 Father I Stretch My Hands to Thee
1.8 Walkin' My Lord Up Calvary's Hill
1.9 I Like the Old Time Way
1.10 Fishers of Men
1.11 Children Go Where I Send Thee
1.12 Oh Lord, Don't Leave Me Here
1.13 Gloryland
1.14 Give Me Just a Little More Time
1.15 Anchored in Love Divine
1.16 It Soon Be Done

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