Stephan Hinz: Juncture

Stephan Hinz: Juncture
Title: Juncture
Label: Second State Audio
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Stephan Hinz is synonymous with cutting-edge, big room anthems and Juncture EP continues to attest to the consistency of his prowess. Hinz's kicks off with the self-titled "Juncture" as massive low end, crisp hats, and burly percussion lay the ground work for a delicate and hypnotizing lead. Changing themes but sticking to his trademark approach "Panopticon" let's the drums do the work - heaving bursts of sonic gold explode through the percussive barrage creating an incredibly versatile tune. "Illusions" sees simple but highly effective drum programming carry flawlessly restrained harmonies resulting in a lavish trek into the emotionally-charged club moments.

1.1 Juncture - Stephan Hinz
1.2 Panopticon - Stephan Hinz
1.3 Illusions - Stephan Hinz

Stephan Hinz: Juncture

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Product-type:12-INCH SINGLE

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