Stephen D. Forman

Stephen D. Forman: Rhapsody for Orchestra C Major Desert Fancifal

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Artist: Stephen D. Forman
Title: Rhapsody for Orchestra C Major Desert Fancifal

'Haunting, emotional and talented.' --Songsalive! (Supporting and promoting songwriters and composers worldwide. ''Desert Fancifal' is a tense yet meditative piece that shows Forman's range as a composer.' --James Moore, Independent Music Promotions ( 'Desert Fancifal' includes the following inscription... 'A man crosses the desert, what does he find? Blaring sun, shifting sands, yet also exquisite, serene beauty. As thirst and exhaustion overtake him, he dreams sweetly of Arabian Nights, a genie, a princess, an oasis surrounded by palm trees. He staggers to his knees-- is that salvation before him or only a mirage?'

1.1 Rhapsody for Orchestra in C Major: "Desert Fancifal"

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