Steven T: Damage

Steven T: Damage
Title: Damage
Label: CD Baby

In 2004, a year of triumphant comebacks and sad transitions, when Brian Wilson finally gets to SMiLE and Warren Zevon has found peace on a higher plane, Steven T. re-emerges from self-induced obscurity with his first studio album in over two decades, 'Damage,' a time capsule chronicle of his twenty missing years. Encompassing tales of hope, despair, dependency, love, rebirth, determination, acceptance, and faith, along with two poignant personal tributes, the album explodes with a raw energy, yet nurtures the listener with a balanced sensitivity while demonstrating an observer's curiosity, all seen through the eye of human experience at the university of life. Musically diverse, the collection covers the full spectrum of it's genres, from guitar-driven rock and pop tunes to plaintive ballads with one or two instruments, and the occasional dart down a side-road to enjoy the world-beat flavors of Chinese table harp, oud, Mexican ukulele, and koto. Coming from a singer-songwriter in the tradition of Warren Zevon, Bruce Springsteen, and Todd Rundgren, and underpinned by a group of seminal Southern California musicians whose histories include the Byrds, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Kaleidoscope, Pretenders, Little Richard, and so much more, this is definitely a set of stories and experiences to abide by or beware of, depending on your position and viewpoint, but either way to learn from. ================ In the Artist's Own Words: 'Truth And Illusions Based on Denial with a Smile' 'Sometime in the '70s or '80s, when civilization as I knew it became mediocre, I went into hibernation, so as not to become irrelevant or obsolete. And in my dream, I journeyed through the dry desert of Mexico, the tropical rainforest of Kauai and the Indian Sasquatch backcountry of the Great Northwest and the Black Hills, always with guitar in hand. 'When I emerged, the world was a very different place, with boredom fragmented to suit the individual's sense of validity and importance. Contemporary group-think was mainly a religious mob mentality, all destructive, jingoistic or often both. As a result, creativity was stifled. 'It all started when we grew arms, legs and wings and emerged from the primordial sea. If we had stayed, the inevitable inherent 'problems' of humanity would never have surfaced, and the brutal law of the jungle would have become the norm. So when I die, burn my carcass and spread the ashes upon the endless soothing liquid cradle; that I may return to forever.' --Steven T.

1.1 The Future Starts Today
1.2 Nightwalkin'
1.3 Jack, Johnnie and Jim
1.4 Creatures of Habit
1.5 Suicide Machine
1.6 Addicted to Life
1.7 Home Improvement
1.8 Back to the Front
1.9 Warren Zevon
1.10 Damage
1.11 In the Name of the Father
1.12 Saving Grace
1.13 Alicia Real (The Road That Leads Back Home)

Steven T: Damage

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