Sugar Louise

Sugar Louise: Friends in Love Places

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Artist: Sugar Louise

Artist: Sugar Louise
Title: Friends in Love Places

Since their first appearance in the Norwegian underground in 2009, Sugar Louise have delivered spectacular live-shows, with catchy tunes, soap bubbles and free candy for the audience. From their own label, Naked Hollywood Records, Sugar Louise has released a handful of singles and their critically acknowledged debut album «Everythings Better With Sugar» (2011). They´ve also become locally famous for their promotion stunts, such as handing out a quarter of a ton of candy, the launching of «Burn Your Bono Day» and especially for playing 24 shows in 24 hours to promote the release of their album. During the last years they´ve played hundreds of shows, covering everything from small clubs, prisons and youth centers, to 5000 dancing people at the City Square. 'Friends In Love Places' is the second album from Sugar Louise. Recorded and mixed in Nautilus Studio, Trondheim, Norway and mastered by Stephen Marsh at Marsh Mastering, Hollywood. Sugar Louise brightens up your winter darkness and light fire to your summer BBQ. With their anti-depressive 3-chord punkrock, with clear references to bands such as NOFX, The Ramones and The Boys, these Norwegians ignite the dreams of endless summer romances and all year bathing temperatures over 25 degrees Celsius!

1.1 Life Flipped Upside Down
1.2 Eastside Crew
1.3 Hollywood Dreams
1.4 On the Radio
1.5 1994
1.6 Hbo
1.7 The New Guy
1.8 My NYC
1.9 Kickflip Rock N Roll
1.10 Johnny ; Mary
1.11 One for All
1.12 You Call It Love

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