Sun Ra

Sun Ra: Continuation

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Sun Ra

Artist: Sun Ra
Title: Continuation

2013 release. An expanded reissue of Sun Ra's Continuation, originally released in 1970. A special two CD reissue of the hyper-rare El Saturn Records album, recorded in 1963, early in the Arkestra's New York period, paired with a full disc of extra material. Loaded with John Gilmore, one of the greatest and rarest slabs of Sun Ra vinyl, on CD for the first time. Recorded on March 10, 1963 at the Choreographer's Workshop in New York City. Remastered from the original tapes by Michael D. Anderson; Reissue produced by John Corbett and Adam Abraham.

1.1 Continuation: Biosphere Blues (5:06)
1.2 Intergalactic Research (8:13)
1.3 Earth Primitive Earth (3:11)
1.4 New Planet (3:22)
1.5 Continuation to Jupiter Festival (20:16)
2.1 Unreleased Tracks: Blue York (2:49)
2.2 Meteor Shower (3:30)
2.3 The Myth (4:05)
2.4 Ihnfinity (2:49)
2.5 Conversation of the Universe (3:56)
2.6 The Beginning of (3:43)
2.7 Endlessness (4:37)
2.8 Red Planet Mars (4:54)
2.9 Cosmic Rays / the Next Stop Mars (9:45)

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