Survivor: The Definitive Collection

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Survivor

Title: The Definitive Collection
Label: Real Gone Music

After leading The Ides of March ("Vehicle") and recording a solo album for Epic in 1976 (whose liner notes termed him "a survivor," thus inspiring the band name), vocalistguitarist-keyboardist Jim Peterik formed Survivor in 1978 along with guitarist Frankie Sullivan. After recording a couple of moderately successful albums for the Scotti Brothers label, the band struck gold when Sly Stallone tapped them to record the theme song for Rocky III. "Eye of the Tiger" went to #1, took the album of the same name to #2, and cemented Survivor's place in rock history. Now, Real Gone Music is proud to present the most comprehensive collection ever devoted to this Windy City legend, a 2-CD set offering 35 tracks taken from the peak 1978-1988 years, featuring key tracks from both the Dave Bickler and Jimi Jamison lead vocalist eras. All but two of the band's hits are here, including such indelible tracks as, of course, "Eye of the Tiger," "Poor Man's Son," "American Heartbeat," "I Can't Hold Back," "High on You," "The Search Is Over," "Burning Heart" (from Rocky IV), "Is This Love," and more. Liner note writer Bill Kopp sat down for a nice, long interview with Jim Peterik, and we've included photos and album art. The definitive collection indeed... get your '80s groove on!

1.1 Somewhere in America
1.2 Rockin' Into the Night
1.3 Rebel Girl
1.4 Nothing Can Shake Me (From Your Love)
1.5 Chevy Nights
1.6 Summer Nights
1.7 Poor Man's Son
1.8 Take You on a Saturday
1.9 Light of a Thousand Smiles
1.10 Eye of the Tiger
1.11 Feels Like Love
1.12 The One That Really Matters
1.13 Ever Since the World Began
1.14 American Heartbeat
1.15 Caught in the Game
1.16 Jackie Don't Go
1.17 I Never Stopped Loving You
1.18 Santa Ana Winds
2.1 I Can't Hold Back
2.2 High on You
2.3 The Search Is Over
2.4 First Night
2.5 Broken Promises
2.6 I See You in Everyone
2.7 Burning Heart
2.8 Man Against the World
2.9 Rebel Son
2.10 Is This Love
2.11 In Good Faith
2.12 How Much Love
2.13 Desperate Dreams
2.14 Across the Miles
2.15 Too Hot to Sleep
2.16 She's a Star
2.17 Didn't Know It Was Love

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