Sviatoslav Richter

Sviatoslav Richter: Schubert: Piano Sonatas Nos. 16 & 17, Impromptu No. 2

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Title: Schubert: Piano Sonatas Nos. 16 & 17, Impromptu No. 2
Label: Alto

Richter's interpretations in these years had an elemental power, unselfconscious abandon that was refined and tempered in later life. These entirely unedited performances, given over more than three decades from the mid 1950s to late 1980s, feel not only live but somehow extraordinarily real. Not that Richter ever gives the impression of playing for the microphone, and his vision of musical structures remains constant whether in the studio or concert-hall.... The Schubert D major Sonata (studio recording 1956) is a tower of inner strength

1.1 Schubert Piano Sonata No. 16 in A minor, D.845 I Moderato
1.2 II Andante poco mosso
1.3 III Scherzo, Allegro vivace - Trio, un poco piu lento
1.4 IV Rondo, Allegro vivace
1.5 Piano Sonata No. 17 in D, D. 850 I Allegro vivace
1.6 II Con moto
1.7 III Scherzo, Allegro vivace - Trio
1.8 IV Rondo Allegro moderato
1.9 Impromptu in Eb, D899 No. 2

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