Sweet Claudette

Sweet Claudette: Shaking Up the Bucket

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Artist: Sweet Claudette

Artist: Sweet Claudette
Title: Shaking Up the Bucket

Sweet Claudette Biography: Born in small town Heflin, Alabama, the family of Sweet Claudette (Harrell-Manning) migrated north and eventually settled in Detroit, Michigan, home of the Motor City blues. Sweet Claudette blends a potpourri of urban funk, R&B and countrified blues that entertains US audiences in Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, Alabama and in cities of Canada such as: Burlington and Windsor, ONT. Blues Songstress, Sweet Claudette is a mistress of tastefully sassy, raw and funky urban blues and a force to be reckoned with. Her down home style is contagious and guaranteed to raise the roof! Sweet Claudette gives you blues straight up with no chaser. Her shows are family friendly and fun. She has been known to occasionally take a song up close and personal into the audience. "Sweet Claudette is a singer with a deep, sultry delivery. Although she is not a shouter, she can belt a lyric out." Blue Skunk Music ~ posted on In a Mood.blogspot.com Sweet Claudette and her blues band can also deliver some of the spunkiest, sassiest, stankiest, funky blues. "Claudette is the epitome of Detroit finger-snapping party blues, but she's also a master at the low down. " --- Mark E. Gallo, BluesByte, June 2009. Sweet Claudette is one of the best creative 'unsung' songwriters in the Midwest. Sweet Claudette's blues songs run the gamet of funky, country, jazzy, classic up-tempo and slow blues feel. "Sweet Claudette is a sultry, deep-voiced singer and songwriter ...", writes reviewer, George Fish in the February 2009, Illinois Blues Blast E-Zine. Sweet Claudette fronts a 5-6 piece bad azz band, with wonderful rich horns intertwined into her music. Dubbed Detroit's Matriarch of the Blues, Sweet Claudette has achieved local, regional, national and international status while singing the blues to fans in bars, clubs, on festivals and lounges. Sweet Claudette's music continues to make the Roots Music Airplay and other blues charts around the world during 2010-11. Sweet Claudette received an August 2010 nomination for Detroit Black Music Award. Sweet Claudette was one of many who performed in the Assembly Line Concert, which is listed in the 2008-09 Guinness Book of World Records. Influences: With several albums under her belt, this blues woman cites blues folk such as: Willie King, Etta James, Katie Webster, and Alberta Adams as some of her biggest influences. They don't just sing, they made me feel it. Thanks to all of you, Sweet Claudette continues to gain international acclaim.

1.1 Shaking Up the Bucket
1.2 Sending You to Man School (Revisited)
1.3 Dance ; Party
1.4 Been There Done That (Revisited)
1.5 Ain't Gonna Wash Your Dirty Clothes (Revisited)
1.6 Movin' on (Revisited)
1.7 My Ford Taurus Sel
1.8 Crying Over Same Man
1.9 The Chicken (Our Way)

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