Swoone: Handcuffed Heart

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Swoone

Title: Handcuffed Heart
Label: Saint Marie

Highly anticipated debut album from darkly sophisticated London duo, Swoone. This is an album, brimming with quality, depth and heartbreaking beauty. Siobhan Demare, who's sensual and exquisite vocals, have been in demand by the likes of guitar legend, Robin Guthrie and '90s chart toppers Mono, finally break free to create a breathtaking album of pure class. Here Siobhan is more in control, more expressive and in the finest song writing form of her career. Fans of her sultry delivery will also be mesmerized by her stunning melodies and poignant lyrics. Her beautiful voice conveys such intimacy it vividly populates a gorgeously rich and cinematic aural landscape. The music is deeply emotional and genuinely felt, not because composer Gary Bruce knows how to write and play this kind of music, indeed, the opposite is true, he has no musical training or knowledge. His keyboard has the notes written on them pencil and he slowly develops guitar chords from scratch! Instead of using musical theory Gary painstakingly creates a musical landscape navigated by feelings alone. It is this probing of the heart that produces music that is refreshingly genuine and instantly arresting.

1.1 This Bullet Never Kills
1.2 Breaking Down
1.3 Handcuffed Heart
1.4 Terminal 3
1.5 The Sun Has Died
1.6 Run
1.7 Pearlesque
1.8 Set Me Free
1.9 Strange Love
1.10 Room 56
1.11 Empty Buildings

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