Tallboys Band

Tallboys Band: Somewhere in Mexico

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Artist: Tallboys Band

Artist: Tallboys Band
Title: Somewhere in Mexico

Somewhere is a collection of songs for dreamers and schemers and boomers that never go bust! And a reminder that life's an adventure- - until the end. As a college professor I've studied the lifestyles and habits of people who choose to live their golden years inn places distant and different. I stumbled upon a couple of pickers in a pueblo in Central Mexico. Their entuhsiasm brought me back to the music. It's not a fine tuned approach. It's more than that. It's for adventurers and for those who've redefined living and want that one great adventure. So refuse to stop dreaming! The Professor.

1.1 Somewhere in Mexico
1.2 Hasta Mananaville
1.3 Laguna Moon (Ah Chi Chi Chi Wah Wah)
1.4 Tallboy Shuffle
1.5 Who I Am
1.6 Drinkin Tallboy Beer
1.7 It'll Be Alright
1.8 I Shall Be Released
1.9 Turn Me on
1.10 Oh Lonesome Me
1.11 The Weight

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