Tangerine Dream: Booster, Vol. III

Tangerine Dream: Booster, Vol. III
Title: Booster, Vol. III
Label: Cleopatra

- Purple Pyramid Records is proud to present the first-ever Stateside release of a series of albums by the groundbreaking and Grammy award-winning electronic pioneers, Tangerine Dream! - Another 2CD compilation of recently recorded versions of classic tracks such as "Remote Viewing" and "Kiev Mission" (both from the 1981 album Exit) plus unreleased and rare material!

1.1 Mombasa
1.2 Morning Star
1.3 The Dance Without Dancers
1.4 Sunshift [Moonmother's Mix]
1.5 The Unknown Is the Truth
1.6 Nexuses
1.7 Astrophel and Stella [String Version] [Version]
1.8 Sounds of a Shell
1.9 The Moondog Connection
1.10 Lord Nelson
1.11 Remote Viewing 2009
2.1 The Halloween Cast (Rolling the World's Pumpkin, Pt. 1)
2.2 Kiev Mission [Remake 2009] [Version]
2.3 Synth Affection
2.4 Transition
2.5 Kilimandscharo
2.6 Two Drunken Angels at Trafalgar Square
2.7 Key Moment
2.8 The Angel of the West Window
2.9 Romantic Vision (Pt. 2 of Das Romantische Opfer)
2.10 Romantic Power (Pt. 1 of Das Romantische Opfer)
2.11 Ayumi's Loom

Tangerine Dream: Booster, Vol. III

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