Taylor Barton

Taylor Barton: Everybody Knows

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Taylor Barton

Title: Everybody Knows
Label: CD Baby

This is my eighth CD and what makes it different is that I sang it all in my lower voice, and it was spawned by the sudden death of my sister. My own mortality came into focus while I was writing this record, and the last song i wrote, 'Train's Coming' released me from an intense period of grief. I lost my best friend a few months later, and my husband GE Smith was on the road. The writing and making of the record helped me to heal my chaotic, inner world, and thus, the first track EVERYBODY KNOWS, was about death itself. I felt through the songs a total surrender to the unbearableness of loss. There was no way out, but to just crawl through it, and keep faith that a better day would come. And it did. For my brilliant sister BLAIR LEE BARTON R.I.P.

1.1 Everybody Knows
1.2 Blindsided
1.3 Gone
1.4 Heartache on the Hudson
1.5 Iron Curtain
1.6 Wanna Make You Feel
1.7 You Wanted Me
1.8 Won't Carry the Shame
1.9 The Dawning
1.10 Train's Coming
1.11 Nothing Ever Landed

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