Tex Ritter: High Noon

Tex Ritter: High Noon
Title: High Noon
Label: Bear Family

The second installment of Bear Family's epochal Tex Ritter anthology picks up the story in December 1947, and closes in 1954. Tex Ritter was now one of the biggest stars of stage, screen, and records... truly one of the most familiar faces in American entertainment. He recorded pop songs, childrens albums which remain popular to this day, and country songs, but above all he cut western songs... some of the most durable western songs ever recorded.This 4-CD set includes his recordings of Pecos Bill, Rock And Rye, Deck Of Cards (and the McCarthy era sequel Red Deck Of Cards), The Pledge of Allegiance, The Eyes Of Texas, Big Blue Diamonds, as well as two songs by country legends, Johnny Horton's Coal Smoke, Valve Oil And Steam and Hank Williams' Wearin' Out Your Walkin' Shoes. It also includes Tex Ritter's original version of Let Me Go, Devil (later a hit as Let Me Go, Lover). And of course, this anthology includes all versions of Tex Ritter's greatest hit, High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me), the original Capitol recording, the overdubbed Capitol recordings, and the British recording. A career moment for Tex Ritter, and still one of the most hypnotic and compelling western ballads ever recorded.The backing musicians include the superb Merle Travis on peak form as well as the Les Baxter Orchestra, and the cream of west coast sessionmen, such as Speedy West, Harold Hensley, and Cliffie Stone. Many of the songs on this anthology became classics that formed the core of Tex Ritter's show until the close of his illustrious career.This set includes a total of 111 recordings, 19 of them unissued, as well as a book by Packy Smith and many rare and unpublished photos.

1.1 High Noon (Part 1)
1.2 Pecos Bill
1.3 Dallas Darlin'
1.4 Tehena, Timpson, Bob and Blair
1.5 Rock and Rye
1.6 The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You
1.7 Boogie Woogie Cowboy
1.8 He's a Cowboy Auctioneer
1.9 Tennessee Blues
1.10 As Long As the River Flows on
1.11 When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold
1.12 When It's Springtime in the Rockies
1.13 Buffalo Dream
1.14 The Marshall's Daughter
1.15 The San Antonio Story
1.16 Let Me Go Devil!
1.17 The Long Black Rifle
1.18 Brave Man
1.19 Lovely Veil of White
1.20 The Best Time of All
1.21 Your Heart and My Heart Are One
1.22 Prairie Home
1.23 The Bandit
1.24 High Noon (Part 2)
1.25 High Noon (Part 3)
1.26 High Noon (Part 4)
2.1 I've Had Enough of Your Two Timin'
2.2 Never Mind My Tears
2.3 Waitin' and Worryin'
2.4 I Just Called to Say Goodbye
2.5 Careless Hands
2.6 Ol' Shorty
2.7 Nobody's Fool
2.8 I've Got Five Dollars and It's Saturday Night
2.9 Coal Smoke, Valve Oil, and Steam
2.10 Boiled Crawfish (At Te Maurice)
2.11 Stay Away from My Heart
2.12 Wearin' Out Your Walkin' Shoes
2.13 Big Blue Diamonds
2.14 From the World of Love
2.15 Three Handed Woman
2.16 You're Always Brand New
2.17 There's No One to Cry Over Me
2.18 My Bucket's Been Fixede
2.19 If I Could Steal You from Somebody Else
2.20 Rock All the Babies to Sleep
2.21 The Letter Edged in Black
2.22 When It's Lamplighting Time in the Valley
2.23 Go on, Get Out
2.24 Hills of Pride
2.25 Everybody Likes a Little Lovin'
2.26 Love You As Big As Texas
2.27 My Woman Ain't Pretty
2.28 Turn Around, Boy
2.29 High on a Mountain Top
3.1 Deck of Cards
3.2 A Beautiful Life
3.3 Hide Me Rock of Ages
3.4 Thief on the Cross
3.5 Give the World a Smile
3.6 Onward Christian Soldiers
3.7 There Shall Be Showers of Blessings
3.8 Lord, Send An Angel
3.9 The Touch of the Masters's Hand
3.10 The Pledge of Allegiance
3.11 The Gettysburg Address
3.12 The Fiery Bear
3.13 Daddy's Last Letter (A Letter from Korea)
3.14 The Great American Eagle
3.15 The Red Deck of Cards
3.16 Jesus Loves Me
3.17 I'll Be a Sunbeam
3.18 Two Little Hands/Jesus Loves the Little
3.19 Little Feet Be Careful/Away in a Manger
3.20 Merry Christmas Polka
3.21 Is There a Santa Claus
3.22 Old Tex Kringle
3.23 Skybird (Parts 1-4)
4.1 Coffee Pot
4.2 The Green Grass Grew All Around
4.3 Talk Gobbler Talk
4.4 A Wahle of a Tale
4.5 Animal Fair
4.6 Cactus Jackson Had a Ranch
4.7 I Was Born a Hundred Years Ago
4.8 Thank You
4.9 Egg-A-Bread
4.10 Big Rock Candy Mountain
4.11 Yankee Doodle
4.12 She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain
4.13 Chicken, My Chicken
4.14 The Picnic Song
4.15 The Cricket Song
4.16 If You Whistle
4.17 Blue Tail, the Red Fox
4.18 The Noise Song
4.19 Mr. Buzzard
4.20 Carbon, the Copy Cat
4.21 One Misty Moisty Morning
4.22 Muskrat
4.23 Little Wendy Why Why
4.24 Has Anybody Seen My Kitty
4.25 Two Little Magic Words (Please and Thank You)
4.26 Pick Up After You
4.27 Happy Hands
4.28 It Doesn't Hurt a Bit to Be Polite

Tex Ritter: High Noon

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