The Alarm

The Alarm: Strength 1985-1986

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Artist: The Alarm

Artist: The Alarm
Title: Strength 1985-1986

Digitally remastered and expanded two CD edition. The Alarm's most iconic and best-selling album, Strength, is now re-issued on double CD. The first CD features the original 1985 US album pressing along with singles and B-sides. All tracks have been remastered from the original master tapes. The second CD features 22 previously unreleased album session recordings including outtake versions. Packaging includes extensive sleeve notes and quotes and a host of previously unseen photos. All additional and unreleased tracks on the CD are exclusive to the format.

1.1 Knife Edge
1.2 Strength
1.3 Dawn Chorus
1.4 Spirit of '76
1.5 Deeside
1.6 Father to Son
1.7 Only the Thunder
1.8 The Day the Ravens Left the Tower
1.9 Absolute Reality
1.10 Walk Forever By My Side
1.11 Strength (7" Single Version)
1.12 Majority (B-Side)
1.13 Strength (12" Power Mix)
1.14 Absolute Reality (Impromptu Acoustic Version)
1.15 Spirit of '76 (7" Single Version)
1.16 Caroline Isenberg (Knife Edge B-Side)
2.1 Intro
2.2 Get It on
2.3 Dawn Chorus (Outtake from Roundhouse Studios)
2.4 Summertime Blues
2.5 Knife Edge (Rough Mix from Roundhouse Studios)
2.6 Alarm Alarm / Radar Love
2.7 Only the Thunder (Outtake from Marcus
2.8 Studios)
2.9 Burn
2.10 Spirit of '76 (Outtake from Marcus Studios)
2.11 Walk on the Wild Side
2.12 For Tomorrow (Outtake from Marcus Studios)
2.13 Vicious
2.14 Deeside (Outtake from Marcus Studios)
2.15 All Right Now
2.16 Absolute Reality (Outtake from Marcus Studios)
2.17 Unknown
2.18 The Day the Ravens Left the Tower (Outtake from Marcus Studios)
2.19 Communication Breakdown
2.20 One Step Closer to Home (Outtake from Marcus Studios)
2.21 Maggie May / Maggie's Farm / Stand Down Margaret
2.22 Brass Band
2.23 Walk Forever By My Side
2.24 (Outtake from Marcus Studios)
2.25 Untitled Jam Session
2.26 Strength (Outtake from Marcus Studios)
2.27 Outro

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