The Anti-Nowhere League

The Anti-Nowhere League: We Are The League Uncut

$12.28 $14.98

Artist: The Anti-Nowhere League
Title: We Are The League Uncut
Product Type: VINYL LP

ANWL revisit their classic debut album with a fresh recording using the original lyrics that caused the album to be banned upon it's original release in 1981 - now on limited edition green vinyl!

1.1 We Are the League
1.2 Can't Stand Rock N' Roll
1.3 Animal
1.4 I Hate People
1.5 Nowhere Man
1.6 Woman
1.7 Streets of London
1.8 Wreck a Nowhere
1.9 Snowman
1.10 World War III
1.11 Let's Break the Law
1.12 We Will Not Remember You
1.13 So What
1.14 This Is War
1.15 For You

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