The Atomic Fireballs: Torch This Place

The Atomic Fireballs: Torch This Place
Title: Torch This Place
Label: Lava

The Atomic Fireballs, a new swing band from Detroit, have released their debut CD "Torch This Place." They also performed on the 1998 Vans Warped Tour. Songs include "Man with the Hex" "Mata Hari" "Swing Sweet Pussycat" "Caviar & Chitlins" "Lover Lies" "Spanish Fly" "Pango Pango" "Hit By a Brick" "Calypso King" "Drink Drank Drunk" "Flowers in the Sand" "Starve a Fever." Their fan base exploded among the Alternative and College crowd. This product is an authorized manufactured on demand CD-R

1.1 Man with the Hex
1.2 Mata Hari
1.3 Swing Sweet Pussycat
1.4 Caviar ; Chitlins
1.5 Lover Lies
1.6 Spanish Flys
1.7 Pango Pango
1.8 Hit By a Brick
1.9 Calypso King
1.10 Drink Drank Drunk
1.11 Flowers in the Sand
1.12 Starve a Fever

The Atomic Fireballs: Torch This Place

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