The Batch

The Batch: Blue Sky Day: Lost Music of Midamerica 2

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Batch

Artist: The Batch
Title: Blue Sky Day: Lost Music of Midamerica 2

This new compilation of classic early 1970s material that continues the musical exploration into the ongoing story of BARRY THOMAS GOLDBERG and GARY PAULAK, who started out as the principal composers of CANDY FLOSS PRODUCTIONS, Minnesota's most prominent, creative, and successful pop music production house of the late 60s. "BLUE SKY DAY" contains priceless rarities for collectors of early 70s Minnesota Rock 'n' Roll: Unlike last year's successful release "TRANSISTOR", which was a collection of home-recorded worktapes, "BLUE SKY DAY" features studio recordings and collectable singles which were all originally intended to be heard by the public. And like "TRANSISTOR", "BLUE SKY DAY" features The Batch, led by Barry Thomas Goldberg and Gary Paulak of "Candy Floss" fame, and well-known vocalist-broadcaster ARNE FOGEL. And as in the case of the 2006 release "CANDY FLOSS - THE LOST MUSIC OF MIDAMERICA Vol. I", this new compilation fills a huge gap in the field of Minnesota's Rock n Roll "Oldies" history!

1.1 Mr. Onawalla
1.2 Roadside Manner
1.3 The Night Is Gone
1.4 Trying to Make It
1.5 Show It
1.6 Pretending
1.7 End of the Road
1.8 I Can't Take It
1.9 Crazy
1.10 Don't Be Wrong
1.11 Blue Sky Day
1.12 Don't You Turn Away
1.13 Amaranth (The Eternal Flower)
1.14 Pop and Ice
1.15 Daddy's Coming Home
1.16 They All Went Down
1.17 You Can Still Be My Woman
1.18 Blue Boy
1.19 Golden Sun
1.20 Hot Summer Nights
1.21 Hold Me Now

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