The Birthday Massacre: Nothing and Nowhere

The Birthday Massacre: Nothing and Nowhere
Title: Nothing and Nowhere
Label: Metropolis Records

A captivating hybrid of 80's electronica and aggressive guitars, curiously fused with a cinematic quality of melodic progressions, The Birthday Massacre's soundscapes have encapsulated a diverse and devout fan base. Formed in 2000, the band signed with Metropolis Records to release their debut album Violet in 2005. The widely revered album catapulted them into the hearts of not only electronic, but rock fans as well. Currently writing their next album for release in late 2007, The Birthday Massacre and Metropolis Records have decided to re-release the band's self released 2002 debut Nothing and Nowhere. Featuring early versions of the popular Birthday Massacre tracks: "Happy Birthday," "Horror Show," "Video Kid," and "The Dream," Nothing and Nowhere also includes five songs not available since the band's release went out of print. The album is an amazing collection for not only the completist, but new comers alike.

1.1 Happy Birthday
1.2 Horrow Show
1.3 Promise Me
1.4 Under the Stairs
1.5 To Die for
1.6 Video Kid
1.7 Over
1.8 Broken
1.9 The Dream

The Birthday Massacre: Nothing and Nowhere

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