Black Keys: Attack & Release

Black Keys: Attack & Release
Title: Attack & Release
Label: Nonesuch
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited edition double vinyl LP set including CD. On Attack and Release, Danger Mouse is more creative coconspirator than traditional figure behind the boards. He doesn't radically alter the duo 's sound so much as coax out more of it's inherent soulfulness, groove and bittersweet emotion. Two versions of 'Remember When' illustrate how the duo can swing easily from smoldering ballad to thrashing rocker. I'm more pleased with the sound of this record than any one we've ever made,' says Carney, and Auerbach concurs: 'We never let it all go like we did for this one, anything was game. It was just fun to make, and that's why I think it's so successful.'

1.1 All You Ever Wanted
1.2 I Got Mine
1.3 Strange Times
1.4 Psychotic Girl
1.5 Lies
1.6 Remember When (Side A)
1.7 Remember When (Side B)
1.8 Same Old Thing
1.9 So He Won't Break
1.10 Oceans and Streams
1.11 Things Ain't Like They Used to Be
2.1 All You Ever Wanted
2.2 I Got Mine
2.3 Strange Times
2.4 Psychotic Girl
2.5 Lies
2.6 Remember When (Side A)
2.7 Remember When (Side B)
2.8 Same Old Thing
2.9 So He Won't Break
2.10 Oceans and Streams
2.11 Things Ain't Like They Used to Be

Black Keys: Attack & Release

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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