The Camericans

The Camericans: Lean on Me

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Artist: The Camericans

Artist: The Camericans
Title: Lean on Me

The Camericans are a family trio based in Ypsilanti, Michigan USA. The group was born albeit sadly after Hurricane Katrina struck. The devastation left a haunting impression on Matu, the oldest of the three who was eleven at the time. Images of kids her age suffering in the aftermath made her want to help. Instead of organizing bottle drives like most of her classmates, Matu chose to sing for the benefit of the survivors. A year earlier, Matu and her siblings, Siri, nine and Sajah, seven, had started piano lessons. As an incentive, their Dad promised to record anyone who learned and mastered any song on the piano, in his studio. The first song Matu chose was Bill Withers' song, Lean on me. When Katrina struck, she asked that her Dad record her singing Lean on me so that she could sell it and send the proceeds to the victims. Not wanting to release a CD single, her Dad enlisted the help of her siblings, Siri and Sajah and the result is their seven song debut CD titled Lean on me. Intricately arranged African rthyms on popular children's songs like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Mary Had a little Lamb, provide for an enjoyable listening experience, both for children and adults.

1.1 Lean on Me
1.2 Shall We Go
1.3 Mary Had a Little Lamb
1.4 Baby No Cry
1.5 Ngombe Ngombe
1.6 Good Morning
1.7 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

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