The Cinematic Orchestra

The Cinematic Orchestra: Ma Fleur

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Artist: The Cinematic Orchestra
Title: Ma Fleur
Product Type: VINYL LP

TCO return with their first full-length since 2002's "Everyday". "Ma Fleur" was written as the soundtrack to a specially commissioned screenplay for an imagined film, which may or may not yet be made. Dealing with themes of loss and love, "Ma Fleur" is fertile ground for Jason Swinscoe's brand of raw-emotion music making. If the mood is melancholy, Swinscoe and company manage to make it an ultimately uplifting experience, perhaps in the end more about the love you find than the love you lose. Deluxe packaging: CD digipak with six photo postcard inserts and double LP 150 gram gatefold vinyl with full-color printed sleeves.

1.1 To Build a Home
1.2 To Build a Home [Continued]
1.3 To Build a Home [Continued]
1.4 To Build a Home [Continued]
1.5 To Build a Home [Continued]
1.6 To Build a Home [Continued]
1.7 To Build a Home [Continued]
1.8 Familiar Ground
1.9 Familiar Ground [Continued]
1.10 Familiar Ground [Continued]
1.11 Familiar Ground [Continued]
1.12 Familiar Ground [Continued]
1.13 Child Song
1.14 Child Song [Continued]
1.15 Child Song [Continued]
1.16 Child Song [Continued]
1.17 Child Song [Continued]
1.18 Child Song [Continued]
1.19 Child Song [Continued]
1.20 Child Song [Continued]
1.21 Child Song [Continued]
1.22 Child Song [Continued]
1.23 Prelude
1.24 Prelude [Continued]
1.25 Prelude [Continued]
1.26 Prelude [Continued]
1.27 Prelude [Continued]
1.28 Prelude [Continued]
1.29 Prelude [Continued]
1.30 As the Stars Fall
1.31 As the Stars Fall [Continued]
1.32 As the Stars Fall [Continued]
1.33 As the Stars Fall [Continued]
1.34 As the Stars Fall [Continued]
1.35 As the Stars Fall [Continued]
1.36 As the Stars Fall [Continued]
1.37 As the Stars Fall [Continued]
1.38 As the Stars Fall [Continued]
1.39 As the Stars Fall [Continued]
1.40 As the Stars Fall [Continued]
1.41 Into You
1.42 Into You [Continued]
1.43 Into You [Continued]
1.44 Into You [Continued]
1.45 Into You [Continued]
1.46 Into You [Continued]
1.47 Into You [Continued]
1.48 Ma Fleur
1.49 Ma Fleur [Continued]
1.50 Ma Fleur [Continued]
1.51 Ma Fleur [Continued]
1.52 Ma Fleur [Continued]
1.53 Ma Fleur [Continued]
1.54 Ma Fleur [Continued]
1.55 Ma Fleur [Continued]
1.56 Ma Fleur [Continued]
1.57 Ma Fleur [Continued]
1.58 Ma Fleur [Continued]
1.59 Ma Fleur [Continued]
1.60 Ma Fleur [Continued]
1.61 Breathe
1.62 Breathe [Continued]
1.63 Breathe [Continued]
1.64 Breathe [Continued]
1.65 Breathe [Continued]
1.66 Breathe [Continued]
1.67 Breathe [Continued]
1.68 Breathe [Continued]
1.69 Breathe [Continued]
1.70 Breathe [Continued]
1.71 Breathe [Continued]
1.72 Breathe [Continued]
1.73 Breathe [Continued]
1.74 Breathe [Continued]
1.75 Breathe [Continued]
1.76 Breathe [Continued]
1.77 Breathe [Continued]
1.78 Breathe [Continued]
1.79 That Home
1.80 That Home [Continued]
1.81 That Home [Continued]
1.82 That Home [Continued]
1.83 That Home [Continued]
1.84 Time and Space
1.85 Time and Space [Continued]
1.86 Time and Space [Continued]
1.87 Time and Space [Continued]
1.88 Time and Space [Continued]
1.89 Time and Space [Continued]
1.90 Time and Space [Continued]
1.91 Time and Space [Continued]
1.92 Time and Space [Continued]
1.93 Time and Space [Continued]
1.94 Time and Space [Continued]
1.95 Time and Space [Continued]
1.96 Time and Space [Continued]
1.97 Time and Space [Continued]
1.98 Time and Space [Continued]
1.99 Time and Space [Continued]

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