The Dujka Brothers: On St. John Road

The Dujka Brothers: On St. John Road
Title: On St. John Road
Label: CD Baby

The Dujka Brothers from Texas are the popular multi-instrumental team of Mark and John. Their vocals are some of the best in the business (English and Czech+). 'On St. John Road' was recorded the summer of 2003. As always, John and Mark were searching for music that to pay homage to their heritage and, and also in the post 9/11 era, they wanted to show their pride for the USA, as expressed in the last track of the CD 'American Medley'. The result was to include selections on the CD that were dance hall favorites, and English lyrics were added to many of them by John Dujka to make them more accessible to the younger generations. As an added bonus, John and Mark once again collaborated on three new selections with Daniel Klapuch, the talented songwriter formally of Moravia, TX who had penned the Dujka Brothers 2001 favorite 'Moon Over Moravia'. The first tune written by Klapuch that's featured on the CD is 'Grandpa Drank Too Much at the St. John Picnic', which depicts Grandpa having a bit too much fun at the annual July 4th church picnic in St. John, TX. In 'The Immigrants Waltz', Klapuch depicts their journey of his grandmother from Bremen, Germany, to Galveston, TX at the end of the 19th century. It is a song that has touched the hearts numerous descendants of European immigrants. The third song by Klapuch is the 'St. Arnold Polka', a fun song which was inspired by Daniel's experiences studying brewing at the St. Arnold Brewery, along with the legend of St. Arnold, the patron saint of beer and brewers. The 'Tribute to Lee Roy Matocha' is also a special selection on the CD. The brothers had grown up going to dance halls and as children would be found sitting on the front of the stage while Lee Roy and his band would be playing. Lee Roy's sudden passing in July of 2003 moved the Dujka's to add this tribute which is a medley of two songs that Lee Roy's made his own. The 'American Medley' was inspired by numerous sing-a-longs with fans, and the medley is almost always requested at Dujka Brothers performances today. Patriotism is always held in high esteem!! We hope you buy the entire CD and have fun with the Dujka Brothers 'On St. John Road'

1.1 Schneider Polka
1.2 Teardrops Waltz
1.3 Grandpa Drank Too Much at St John Picnic
1.4 Clock on the Steeple Polka
1.5 The Innocence Waltz
1.6 Hay Wagon Polka
1.7 Immigrant's Waltz
1.8 St Arnold Polka Intro
1.9 St Arnold Polka
1.10 Grandfather's Joy
1.11 Monkey Polka
1.12 So Ein Tag (What a Day)
1.13 Young Girl Polka
1.14 Happy Joe Waltz
1.15 Tribute to Lee Roy Matocha Intro
1.16 Tribute to Lee Roy Matocha (Lee Roy's Waltz/Lee Roy's Special)
1.17 American Medley

The Dujka Brothers: On St. John Road

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