The Five C's

The Five C's: The Five C's and Other Great Groups On United: Tell Me

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Five C's

Title: The Five C's and Other Great Groups On United: Tell Me
Label: Delmark

This third installment of "United Doo Wops" features lots of uinissued songs and rare audition tapes with The Five C's, the Palms, the Earls, the Drakes, the Danderliers and others. The Five C's, of Gary, IN, had two 78s issued in 1954: "Tell Me"/"Whoo Wee Baby"(United 172) and "Goody Goody"/"My Heart's Got the Blues" (United 180). The remainder of this CD is seeing it's first official domestic release, all from the original master tapes. Also available: "Chop Chop Boom" (DMK 703) and "Bang Goes My Heart" (DMK 761).

1.1 Take a Giant Step - the Drakes
1.2 Let Them Talk - the Drakes
1.3 Studio Chatter - the Five C's
1.4 Only By You (I Want to Be Loved) - the Five C's
1.5 Tell Me - the Five C's
1.6 My Heart's Got the Blues - the Five C's
1.7 Going My Way - the Five C's
1.8 She's Mine (Alternate) - the Danderliers
1.9 My Love (Alternate) - the Danderliers
1.10 Meet Me After School - the Earls
1.11 I Love You So - the Earls
1.12 Goody, Goody - the Five C's
1.13 I Long for You - the Five C's
1.14 Whoo-Wee Baby - the Five C's
1.15 There's No Tomorrow - the Five C's
1.16 Before I Met You - the Dewtones
1.17 Rockalick Baby - the Dewtones
1.18 Edna - the Palms
1.19 Knew I Had a Chance (Audition) - the Palms
1.20 Teardrops - the Palms
1.21 Girl of Mine (Audition) - the Palms
1.22 I Love to Be with You (Audition) - the Palms
1.23 Run Son (Audition) - the Strollers
1.24 Fools Love (Audition) - the Strollers
1.25 Congo a Cha Cha Cha (Audition) - the Strollers

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